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We use AI to analyze your building and instantly match you with quotes from Solar, Battery, HVAC and EV developers. Enter your address for a free and instant analysis:


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Hassle-free Energy Upgrades


See and change everything that goes into our estimates and vendor verfication


We analyze weather trends and historic data to give you a simple rate of return


We use AI to construct your energy system, then instantly pair you with quality developers

Handling the complexities

Energy markets are getting harder to navigate. We provide comprehensive historical data, along with advanced analytics, to let you navigate these markets. We model:
Hourly Energy Prices
Demand Reduction
Storage Arbitrage
EV Charging
Energy Inflation
Every Incentive
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Matching you with quality

It's hard to know which vendors and developers are the best match for your situation. We're contantly expanding our network of developers, and matching you with the best fit.

In your corner

We're an Owner's Representative to your building, which means we are looking out for your best interests.

An Owner's Representative acts independently of vendors and developers to get you the best outcome.

After your initial estimate from our AI, a ClimaFi expert will contact you to walk you through the process.



We double-check all the materials from your developers. If you don't like what you're seeing, we match you with alternatives.


Our team has deep energy roots, and will guide you through a complex process.


We monitor projects once they're operating to hold developers accountable.

Join our network of developers

We help developers originate or design high-value projects without over-hiring. Our software and services team act as your back-office, allowing you to focus on your customers.

Follow along for new updates

States and utilities are constantly updating their programs, keep up with the latest news


Inflation and VDER

Inflation and VDER

An Introduction to Virtual Power Plants

An Introduction to Virtual Power Plants

What inverter is right for your solar battery backup system?

What inverter is right for your solar battery backup system?